Welcome to the Lions and Lilies web site.

Here you will find out all about what we do, where and how to contact us to find out more.

The Lions and Lilies is a re-enactment group who display the colour and pageantry of the Kingdom of Edward III with a new twist for the modern spectator. Whist we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our displays, of knights fighting or archery, we put family entertainment at the top of the list.

The ladies not only will charm you with dance but may show you techniques in the style of sword fighting created for ladies combat in the Middle Ages, or perhaps the archery of the hunt. Junior members of the family are not forgotten with dressing up, weapons training, and have a go archery or maybe the ladies will let them join in the dance.

The Knights and squires in the Lions and Lilies have been trained by a renowned sword Master and both the displays and the mini tournaments are very realistic. Archery has the thump of wooden arrows propelled by the mighty longbow in the hands of the skilled bowmen.

We pride ourselves on the theatrical nature of our shows with the audience in the thick of it. Dodgy characters wander around picking either fights or pockets.  A sinister Magician in dark robes with his staff of power plots and schemes. Be reassured guards patrol to keep the audience safe!